Yule Mule Infusion

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This festive drink is made with pears, cranberries, lime, rosemary and pear infused sugar. The perfect beverage for your holiday party, the Yule Mule is sure to please everyone on your guest list. So whether you're looking for a festive holiday drink or just something to help you get through the cold winter months, the Yule Mule is the perfect choice. Cheers!

Infusion kit contains: pears, cranberries, lime, rosemary and pear infused non-GMO Vegan Cane Sugar. Pair this infusion with Vodka or Gin. When it's time to make your cocktail, add 1 shot of your infusion to 4 oz. of ginger beer. Other spirits to use include: Tequila, Rum, Bourbon or Hot Water for a zero-proof recipe. 

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