Tres Banderas

Tres Banderas

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12 oz. / Whole Bean

Tres Banderas (meaning ‘Three Flags’ in Spanish) is our flagship blend named for the three countries that comprise it. While the origins change seasonally, we’ll always have three different countries represented — two from Latin America and one from Africa. Currently, we're serving up a blend of Brazil, Peru, and Ethiopia.

This blend balances the chocolatey body of the Latin American offerings with the fruit-forward and floral qualities of the African offering. The result is a coffee with hints of bright ripe stone fruits that maintains a creamy richness. 

We roast this coffee just a little differently than our other coffees, developing the sweet sugars that produce a balanced, full bodied coffee that tastes great brewed as espresso (you’ll often find it in our cafes as our standard espresso offering) or filter coffee.

Tres Banderas is our top selling coffee, and while the components shift throughout the year, it is always a phenomenal balanced blend that offers comfort and nuance for anyone that enjoys a good cup of coffee.

REGION: Brazil, Peru, Ethiopia
FARM/MILL: São Sebastião, Tesoro De Wari, Duromina
PROCESS: Pulp Natural, Fully Washed


Tastes like

Stone Fruit | Caramel | Milk Chocolate


Brewing Recommendation

While we strive to roast our coffees to be enjoyable using any brewing method, we love Tres Banderas brewed as espresso or drip coffee. For an iced option, we love cold brew.

Espresso - 1:2.33 [18g dose : 42g yield]

Drip - 1:16  [i.e. 40g coffee : 640g water]

Cold Brew - 1:5 [i.e. 100g coffee : 500g water]

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