Hibiscus Flower in Bulgaria Rose Syrup

Hibiscus Flower in Bulgaria Rose Syrup

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Add to champagne for a beautiful cocktail.

Hibiscus Flower in Bulgaria Rose Syrup contains all natural and deliciously edible hibiscus flowers in cane sugar syrup with the addition of premium Bulgarian Rose Oil. All of the natural vibrant color and flavor comes just from the flowers. This little jar contains the natural essence of two dozen Bulgarian Roses and 15 hand picked Wild Hibiscus Whole Flowers.

100% natural and deliciously edible - both the whole hibiscus flowers and the delicate infused cane sugar syrup. Our Bulgarian Rose Oil is the most premium Rose Oil in the world and combined with the hibiscus the flavour is well rounded and not overpowering but still very sensual and delicious.

• 100% Natural • Gluten Free • GMO Free • Premium Quality of Real Flowers • 0% Alcohol • Heat Stable in Cooking • Easy recipe - use the edible flowers from the jar • Long shelf life (refrigerate once opened and consume within 4 weeks) • Handmade in Small Batches • Certified HACCP Food Safe

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