Nashville Hot Cheddar Shortbread - Fliptop Kraft Box

Nashville Hot Cheddar Shortbread - Fliptop Kraft Box

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Nashville Hot Cheddar is the latest savory creation from Willa's and a tribute to our hometown. Perfect with a cold brew or a glass of wine, these spicy bites have a real kick you'll remember, but not so much you'll regret. Put a bowl out at your next get together and wait for the compliments!

What is Nashville Hot Cheddar? Nashville is known for our really hot music and our signature dish, Nashville Hot Chicken. This Nashville original has a great flavor and a spicy kick that starts at really hot and goes up from there! When we decided to add another savory flavor, we worked with our friends at JM Thomason Company who provide spices to Nashville's best restaurants and came up with a blend that captures the essence of Nashville's Hot Chicken. We tossed in copius amounts of real cheddar cheese, pure butter and a touch of love and came up with these spicy delights. 

 100% All Natural

1/4 lb of our bite size cookies per box

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