Manifest Ritual Kit

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Are you ready to MANIFEST your goals, desires, and create your magic in your life?

Or perhaps you know a certain someone who’s ready to manifest.  In either case, we have just the thing to aid you in your journey. Let the magic unfold with this special Moon and Jai MANIFESTATION kit! This magic ritual kit contains various objects to accompany you on your path to manifestation.  Within this kit, you will find a Labradorite crystal ~ the crystal of manifestation.  Taking on the characteristic energies of the bright Sun and Moon, this crystal is guaranteed to switch up multiple perspectives in your life.  The Labradorite crystal for harmony shall bring forth success and improvement in one's quality of life. With the use of this sage kit, discover the inner enchantments of the spiritual realm and be aided in developing deeper connections, awakening the mind, strengthening intuition, expanding personal transformation and more.