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ORIGIN // Guatemala & Brazil
PROCESSING METHOD // Washed & Natural
TASTE NOTES // Caramel, Chocolate, Apple

When Barista Parlor found the location for their second shop, it came with a bit of its own history. Opening in the 60’s, Golden Sound began its life as one of Nashville’s many recording studios. The studio came and went, but left their marquee above what’s now our roasting room. The building was owned by a tile shop for a few years, too. They left their mark through the beautiful hand-poured terrazzo floors and custom tile-work in our kitchen and roasting room. They sold at some point to a European import mechanic who installed the first of the now many garage doors. With so much history built into the space itself as it changed shape through the years, it seemed right that we should carry that echo of the past into the future as the namesake for our flagship coffee.

The coffees involved in this loving symphony of sweetness will be ever-rotating with seasonality, but the consistent goal of the Golden Sound is to be our crowd-pleaser— innately drinkable; juicy, rich, and well-rounded as an espresso; and always built on high quality and high-cupping components.

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