Cacao Citrus Tea

Cacao Citrus Tea

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As far back as 1556, when an unknown European noted that drinking chocolate was the “most wholesome and substantial of any food or beverage in the world, because whoever drinks a cup of this can go through the day without taking anything else,” drinking a cup of chocolate was esteemed for its sweet tasting and practicality. While tea was a popular social beverage among the wealthy, demand for chocolate climbed because “drinking chocolate was affordable to all classes of people.”

Martha Washington enjoyed drinking cacao shell tea, which she made from roasted shells and sipped at breakfast. George Washington wrote to his agent, “She will, . . . thank you to get 20 Lbs of the shells of Cocoa nuts, if they can be had of the Chocolate makers."

Tasting notes: Aroma of toast before brewing. Steeping in hot water unleashes a tonic of chocolate with a touch of tart citrus. The brew yields a full-bodied, slightly bitter infusion with strong notes of chocolate, and light flavors of melon.  

Caffeine: Cacao shell tea is caffeine-free, but it does contain other natural stimulants.  

Brewing:  Suggested serving per 10oz cup:  2 tsp, 195 degrees.  Cacao shells and citrus peels take 10 minutes to infuse their full flavor.  

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