Avocado Balm 2oz

Avocado Balm 2oz

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Adriel Deniae, a musical artist, and Jen Auerbach, wife of The Black Keys Dan Auerbach, are quick to confess that the Clary Collection blossomed out of a beautiful friendship.

The two bonded over a connection they found in becoming new mothers, a transition that sparked many changes in both women. 'I'd been feeling a bit adrift in my first pregnancy and wanted to move away from constant traveling and more toward a need for deeper roots. Our friendship was an anchor that I really needed, and it was so easy to dream together,” Denae adds.

Together, the two women started recognizing a deeper awareness of their need for clean food, products, and environments. With curiosity and dedication, the pair set out to create their own alternatives to the harmful products on the market.


Ingredients: Avocado oil, Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Plantain + Beeswax. Clary Avocado Balm safely stimulates collagen production, decreases inflammation + speeds wound healing. It deeply supports maturing skin, sun damage, burns, scrapes, auto-immune flares, cold sores, stretch marks, scarring, and allergic reactions.
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