Ashe Ember Rose Candle

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This Ash Ember Rose candle is inspired by NYC's architecture and designed in our NYC office. Each vessel is individually filled with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils and finished off with a single lead-free cotton wick to provide a clean burn. This fragrance is meant for those who love deep, dark and rich scents and who like to indulge in some aromatherapy. The grey color also makes it a great gift for friends and family who enjoy decorating their homes but want to keep the design and color of their home accents neutral. If you love aromatherapy and are looking for highly scented candles with a sleek design, this is the one for you. Gift one and keep one. That's why each vessel is individually packaged... Burn Time: 60 - 80 hours Wax Weight: 9.5 oz/270g Vessel Size: 3 x 3 x 4.5


  • Fragrance Notes- Top: Smoked Santal Middle: Amber Oud Bottom: Vetiver Vanille
  • Glass, Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Essential Oil
Style: Ash Ember Rose Candle
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