Crystal Cocktail Shaker

Crystal Cocktail Shaker

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This vintage-inspired cobbler cocktail shaker is perfect for anyone who loves classic decor. The elegant lead-free cut crystal tumbler illuminates the cocktail inside, while the built-in stainless steel strainer includes a silicone seal.

Quantity: 1 cocktail shaker Materials: Lead-free crystal, stainless steel, silicone li> Capacity: 25 oz. Care: Dishwasher safe

A BEAUTIFUL COBBLER COCKTAIL SHAKER - This cobbler shaker comes with a cap and built-in strainer, letting you shake up a huge range of cocktails without needing any other bar accessories. This crystal shaker is an upgraded version of a cocktail shaker.

VINTAGE STYLE IN LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL - The 25 oz. tumbler is crafted from lead-free crystal with exquisite cuts for a vintage look. The stainless steel cap and strainer makes shaking up margaritas easy, with a leak proof silicone gasket to keep it sealed.

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